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Whether in a public setting or a private consultation, few things offer me as much joy as writing and teaching others about Chinese astrology.

I have especially enjoyed consultations with screenwriters, directors, and actors seeking to understand a particular character or historic figure — to help them capture the role in a more profound and detailed way.

I have studied Chinese astrology for over 30 years. The late Theodora Lau, world-renowned expert on Chinese astrology, was my mentor and my dear friend. Theodora believed we were sisters in a previous life; I cannot think of a more treasured memory of our friendship. I was honored to learn from Theodora and more honored to be her friend. I recommend that you purchase her first book Handbook of Chinese Horoscopes and a later book, Children of the Moon, which explains the benefits of applying Chinese astrology to understand your children; Theodora asked me to write an introduction for this book, and you can read more about my respect for Theodora's work there.


Over the years I have written more than 50 articles for Los Angeles newspapers and appeared on numerous live television programs answering questions from viewers. Some of the happiest memories of my life include the years I hosted a live, weekly, call-in radio talk show in Los Angeles — taking calls from listeners on a range of subjects, including career, relationships, and accurately predicting political elections and historic events.


In a private consultation I describe personality and character traits, along with suggesting remedies for incompatible relationships. I feel especially useful when I am able to help parents understand their children and suggest ways of overcoming family difficulties.


Just as a road map serves us on our road trips by pointing out directions and anticipated road conditions, I believe that Chinese astrology can serve us on our life's journey in much the same way. Earth's moon is a navigational asset on many levels of our life's journey.

Thank you for visiting my Web site, and I wish you a wonderful Year of the Rat beginning January 25, 2020!

Linda LaZar

Linda LaZar's Chinese Astrology Linda LaZar's Chinese Astrology