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Chinese Astrology is based on the moon's influence on our Earth. Scientists today offer proof, indisputably, that the moon commands a direct influence on water — all water, ranging from vast oceans to a glass of drinking water.

The human body contains approximately 70% water. Therefore, it is reasonable to conclude that water within the human body is also affected by the moon's influence.

Scientists use the moon to predict high tides, currents in the sea, weather, and optimum farming conditions. Our entire atmosphere contains water. The moon's influence on all things is immeasurable.

In the same way that scientists discovered how to understand and predict weather conditions, tides, etc. based on the moon's influence; researchers and students of Chinese astrology discovered how to understand and predict human traits and social occurrences. For nearly 5,000 years, practitioners have studied and documented the moon's influence on humans.


Saddam Hussein, Adolf Hitler, Pol Pot, Machiavelli, Malcolm X, and the Duke of Wellington: What do these men have in common? They were all relentless and charismatic leaders, they would stop at nothing to win, and they were all born under the sign Taurus during the Chinese lunar year of the Ox. The chances of a person being born under the same Western sign and Chinese (Eastern) sign is 1/144. This is not a coincidence, it is a pattern. The exact birth date of Idi Amin, who was born in the 1925 Ox year, cannot be verified. Nevertheless, Amin displayed characteristics of other Ox dictators; and Joseph Kony — a Ugandan known for his crimes against humanity is a 1961-born Ox.


Our personalities gradually develop with the influence of our environment, biology, and astrology. Therefore, a Taurus-Ox who is raised in a loving environment and strong democracy, with a well-developed sense of empathy, could thrive and be an extremely positive asset to his or her community, such as Madeleine Albright. Malcolm X used his Taurus-Ox charisma and relentless pursuit of equality to aid the African-American community. Taurus-Ox power can be a great asset to the world, if managed in a diplomatic and peaceful manner. The key to success for a Taurus-Ox is maintaining diplomacy and empathy for all concerned.

Barack Obama (Leo-Ox), Napoleon Bonaparte (Leo-Ox), and Menachem Begin (Leo-Ox) demonstrate an array of Leo-Ox power, and politician and soldier Sam Houston (Pieces-Ox) led the victory of the Battle of San Jacinto. Princess Diana (Cancer-Ox), Malala Yousafzai (Cancer-Ox), Elizabeth Edwards (Cancer-Ox), United States Senator Elizabeth Warren (Cancer-Ox), Margaret Thatcher (Libra-Ox), and Barbara Bush (Gemini-Ox) are a few examples of female Ox power and leadership.

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Then there are Dogs. We love them and anxiously await their next display of unique charm. They are the superstars—emphasis on super. Lots of signs can be stars, but Dog is the sign of superstars: Elvis, Cher, Madonna, Prince, Michael Jackson, Justin Bieber, Bill Clinton, and Donald Trump to name a few, seem to have a knack for being able to carry off a charismatic and provocative style that the rest of us would never consider attempting. Their charisma is sometimes inexplicable, but always magnetic. If the sign is paired with good intent, magic can happen. If paired with evil intent, infamous evil will be realized—as with Charles Manson or Al Capone. It is not that a Dog's deeds, good or bad, are better or worse than other signs, but a Dog's deeds are noticed and remembered, due to their super charisma.

Dogs like to please, they don't like being scolded, and they don't like losing. Dogs appreciate rules, and they enjoy being the enforcer of rules—good rules. They also embrace the opportunity to stand up and crusade againts bad rules, sometimes to thier own detriment. When the subject matter is positive, Dogs are like cute puppies, can improvise and speak for hours, and everyone wants to join his or her pack. When the subject matter is controversial, Dogs often become the unruly alley Dog that crowds fear.

Dogs are proud, they want success, and they view their work as a performance—whether in an office or on a stage. Dogs are good, loyal friends, and they enjoy being part of a fun group, especially if it's their entourage. In fact, they often view the whole world as their entourage.

Dogs are champion sales agents, consumers and fans trust Dogs, admire Dogs, and want to be the Dog's friend. Dogs are likable! Dogs are not shy or intimidated to perform. Give them a live audience—whether on a stage or in a classroom, and you will be entertained. Effortlessly, and sometimes inexplicably, Dogs create a following, just as cult leaders do. The public just cannot resist a Dog's charisma, especially if it is anti-establishment, trend-setting, or offensive to the mainstream: Elvis and his erotic pelvis in the '50s; Cher and her bellybutton fashions in the '60s and '70s; Michael Jackson and his crotch gestures in the '80s and '90s; Bill Clinton and his impeachment activity; Donald Trump and his politically incorrect behavior; Madonna and her . . . well, you get the idea. Dogs get praised, while other signs go to jail.


President Ronald Reagan, former Vice President Dan Quayle, and Congressman Sonny Bono were all born under the sign Aquarius in Chinese years of the Pig. These were all very nice men who continually surprised us with their career feats. If you only remember one thing about Pigs, remember that you shouldn't underestimate them. They are smarter than they seem, and they are nicer than you think.

During the years Ronald Reagan performed in Hollywood films with chimpanzees, most people would never have expected him to someday be elected President of the United States. Similarly, most of us did not expect to see Sonny Bono elected to congress after listening to his tone-deaf attempt at singing during the 1960s. This sign demonstrates a good example of how to anticipate the unexpected with the use of Chinese astrology.

And we mustn't forget Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger (Leo-Pig) — another very nice man who started as a muscle-bound film actor with a heavy Austrian accent — turned action hero — turned Governor of the State of California, making him one of the most powerful and influential leaders in the world. We should remember...never underestimate the intelligence and success potential of a Pig!


Individuals born under the same birth signs have similar and predictable personalities. Similar to Western astrology, which features 12 signs, Chinese astrology also features 12 signs pertaining to yearly cycles of the moon.

Basically, Chinese astrology is built on a 12-year cycle, referencing each of the 12 years with animal names, i.e. Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, and Pig.

Each lunar sign lasts for one full year, differing from Western signs that last for approximately one month. Each of the 12-year cycles repeat sequentially through five different elements (metal, water, wood, fire, and earth), and a full cycle completes after 60 years.


A simple method for most people who begin their study into Chinese astrology is to refer only to the 12 yearly animal signs, without considering the five elements. However, it is extremely beneficial to combine the study of Chinese astrology with knowledge of the twelve Western astrological signs and to consider a person's environment and biological aspects. Fundamentally, this allows you to study 144 different sign combinations.


During one full lunar year, all twelve Western signs travel through the same Chinese sign, and after a 12-year lunar cycle there are 144 combinations. For example, a person born under the sign Aries would also be born with a lunar Chinese astrological sign. This means that there are 12 different types of Aries-born people, each born in a different Chinese lunar year, i.e. Aries-Rat, Aries-Ox, Aries-Tiger, Aries-Rabbit, Aries-Dragon, Aries-Snake, Aries-Horse, Aries-Sheep, Aries-Monkey, Aries-Rooster, Aries-Dog, and Aries-Pig.

By using the Western-Eastern lunar combination, along with knowledge of how these signs interact, a detailed personality profile is unveiled. Chinese astrology is a powerful tool, one that therapists and counselors would do well to employ.


Chinese astrology offers studied patterns for understanding a person's strengths and vulnerabilities. Expert practitioners use this understanding to empower people, especially at critical crossroads in their lives by identifying strengths, building on them, and identifying and overcoming vulnerabilities.

Chinese astrology offers guidance to understand the changing cycles in an individual's life and destiny, it predicts and prepares us for the inevitable cycles in our lives — it truly is the underestimated asset.

Linda LaZar's Chinese Astrology Linda LaZar's Chinese Astrology